FDA’s updates for Nutritional Facts Labels: what changes for the Food and Beverage industry?

The FDA’s proposed changes to the Nutritional Facts label for food and beverages will have a major impact on the industry. Companies may have to redesign and change all their labels, implying unexpected expenses. But this threat could be an opportunity to redesign, rebrand and improve products, thanks to a Shrink Sleeve Label.

Montreal, March 5, 2014

On February 27, the US Food and Drug Administration proposed an update of the Nutritional Facts label. The current norms date back to 20 years ago, and it is clear that the consumers’ expectations regarding the nutritional facts have changed. For instance, calories and the amount of fat are not the main focuses anymore. The types of fat, Vitamin D or Omega-3 are now important factors in consumers’ decisions. That is why they need to be taken into account on labels.

The FDA proposed changes aimed at bringing a “greater understanding of nutrition science” and a “refreshed design”, as well as “updated serving size requirements”.
But such an overhaul would imply drastic expenses for companies in the Food and Beverage industry. The FDA foresees that food companies will have to pay around 2 billion dollars to apply these label changes. From design to production, such a change can be considered a setback for some companies’ growth.

However, it can also be seen as an opportunity. “It might look like a threat, but it also is a great opportunity for companies to redesign and opt for a brand new look thanks to Shrink Sleeve Labels”, explains Jean Éthier, CEO of IMS.

A Shrink Sleeve Label offers a 360 degree surface to increase a brand’s visibility and stand out on the shelves. It also increases product safety and fits all types of containers, even the most non-traditional ones. In other words, having to redesign all of your labels because of the FDA changes may be an opportunity to create great shelf impact and brand identity by choosing a Shrink Sleeve Label.

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