With small companies, marketing budgets are often limited, while large companies regularly undergo budget cuts. In both scenarios, marketing is being sacrificed. However, there is a solution: reduce your packaging costs.

You’re not sure that this is the right solution? Take a look at the commodity products around you. The packaging concept is generally the same: the product is placed in a container (glass, plastic, aluminum, etc.) on which the labels are applied. Certain bottles can have up to three labels, sometimes even four. Three labels means three dies to produce, three designs to create, three parts to print and three labels to apply on the container. And all without counting the tamper-proof plastic ring that protects the bottle cap. An additional step.

The solution: shrink sleeve labels

The sleeve covers and takes on the shape of the container thanks to the effects of heat. This type of label alone can replace all other labels, in addition to the plastic safety ring, because it occupies the entire surface area of the product. Evidently, a sleeve means only one design, one part to print and one label to apply; no dies are necessary as is the case with labels.

The sleeve label is the ideal solution for those looking to reduce their costs or who prefer investing more in another part of the marketing process. Publicity campaigns often require huge investments. So if 35% of purchases made in stores are impulsive and, in most cases, are dictated by a product’s appearance, then better promote your product directly on tablets.

On the other hand, economical does not necessarily mean cheap. The proof: Heineken and Perrier used the sleeve; and Coca Cola and Malibu regularly play with the sleeve and introduce mind-blowing designs that gets everyone talking. The power of word of mouth and the opportunity to share information via social networks make the sleeve an almost magical solution, namely thanks to the multiple possibilities that it offers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out in the tablet war, and inexpensively, too! Your competition will never understand how you can raise your products to the level of the Coca Colas, Heinekens and Perriers of this world!