When this project was first proposed a few months ago, I was immediately enchanted by the idea. Providing a behind the scenes look at IMS would allow us to demonstrate the quality of our products and services and to promote our expertise. When we won the Special Prize in Human Resource Management at the Gala Alpha 2012 in May, that concept, which had continued to grow slowly in our minds, suddenly took shape: we were going to reveal part of our daily activities through the eyes of our employees.


This fall, IMS will launch its “Star Employee!” series. Created specially to promote employees at IMS as well as their exceptional work, the series will be presented monthly in our blog as a form where you will be able to learn about a new person. A picture of the employee, a short interview, the description and tasks of his or her position will all be included in order to promote our personnel and their professions, and to solicit and encourage new employees to join our team. Moreover, challenges and advances in various professions, and education or experience necessary to practice these trades, are the topics at hand.

Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin so as not to miss our first issue in September. We hope that you will enjoy reading these articles as much as we enjoyed writing them. This is a golden opportunity for you to learn more about the jobs and employees at IMS.

The first issue will be out at the end of September and will showcase Maxime, flexographic press operator. You’ll learn what the press operator position is all about as well as the qualities required to excel at it.

We look forward to reading your comments!