Removable labels first appeared in the workplace a few years ago, with the most popular being the now famous brand Post-it®. Eventually, the product identification industry was able to benefit from this new technology by making printable labels with temporary adhesives. These differ from the paper labels we find in administrative environments, such as sheets that are 8½ x 11 with labels on them that can be inserted into a traditional printer.

I’m talking about rolls of labels of various shapes and of superior quality. Besides price tags, it’s possible to attract a client’s attention to a particular product by applying an eye-catching label onto the product. Although this can serve to identify merchandise on sale or for materials handling, why only use them for practical purposes? Do your employees or clients have special preferences among your range of products? Highlight those products with an adhesive label! “Recommended,” “employees’ choice,” “bestseller;” the possibilities are as endless as they are inviting.


Advantages of removable labels

Given the nature of certain products, your clients could be grateful for removable recommendation labels. Moreover, consumers appreciate easily removable price tags, especially on paper or cardboard packaging. As the holiday season approaches, this is something retailers might find interesting since clients often like to keep the packaging of presents intact.

This characteristic is even more important for companies like Renaud-Bray, the major bookstore chain, which created a product recommendation system for those products with excellent literary or graphic quality (and which are selected by a committee). The notorious “coup de coeur” (or “favorites” in English) takes on the shape of a label that is applied on books. Roxane Lalonde, the chain’s director of marketing, confessed that, “it’s important for the quality of our labels to be excellent so that consumers can remove them without damaging books. In fact, it’s a priority for us!”

Sometimes “less expensive” really means “cheap”

If you’re afraid of removable price tags coming off your merchandise or curling at the corners, know that it all comes down to your choice of labels. The adhesive used on good quality labels will generally perform better than those of less expensive labels.

The best examples are the adhesive notes that are sold in dollar stores. They are certainly less expensive than Post-it® notes, but half of them won’t stay on a surface for long and only one quarter of them will stick permanently. And the other quarter, you ask? Well, you won’t even be able to remove them from the notepad without tearing them. Which reminds me of an expression that one of our representatives used to say to our clients when explaining this type of label: “the paper must be stronger than the glue!” And I would add that the glue should be strong enough to stick to a surface and stay there.

For those of you who appreciate labels that are easy to remove from a recently purchased product, please leave your comments below! Until next time!