For the beginning of the New Year, IMS would like to present the most popular blog posts from 2012. Not the most visited posts, but the ones that stir up the more interest and discussion, both online and off line. As our blog was created a little more than a year ago, we see these top 5 as an assessment (very brief!) of our product identification blog’s history.

We considered several factors besides the number of visits. It’s logical, for example, for a blog article posted a few months ago to receive more visits than an article posted only a few days ago. Also, some bloggers were able to post more articles than others.

We hope you enjoy (re)reading our top 5 articles below:

1. An accelerated history of the printing press: from Gutenberg to IMS: A history of printing presented in five stages and including pictures that demonstrate how technology has evolved over the centuries. This type of blog article is always popular with readers: it’s short, straight to the point and has many images.

2. Priorities of the packaging industry in 2012 and in 2022: This series of four blog posts summarizes the main points of a study conducted by Packaging World involving experts from the industry on trends from today and in 10 years. Because of its positive impact, these four articles were combined into one document that we will make available shortly in PDF format.

3. Coca-Cola gets fresh with help from the sleeve: Many pictures in this article demonstrate that Coca-Cola has made its product into an object of dynamic style and design. The sleeve label is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to change the look of a container, especially if it’s a temporary change: no need to modify your entire assembly line.


4.Labelling hazardous materials used at the workplace: This article takes into account the requirements set forth by both the federal and the international systems of standardization, the WHMIS and the GHS, respectively. The tables in this blog post clearly present the symbols and classification of different chemicals used in the workplace.


5. Guinness and QR code creating real time buzz: An original and appealing marketing scheme by Guinness that makes use of QR codes to promote its product. This unique way to use QR codes in product identification and promotion attracted many readers.



With blogs, some articles will be read more than others. Some will attract more comments and will be recommended in social networks while others will pass under the radar. As several factors can influence the results, I didn’t think it was a good idea to announce the best or most popular articles as this would have been unfair to the other bloggers. I may have taken sides, but at the end of the day I find that they are all great!