Many of our clients in need of a consistent supply of labels opt for blanket orders. These are agreements between the client and ourselves that guarantee regular delivery of their orders. This is both a practical and profitable solution for companies.

As you may already know, here at IMS we celebrated our 50th anniversary a few years ago, and our success is not mere coincidence. In addition to adapting to the evolution of processes and to the arrival of new technologies, we’ve always made a point of listening to our clients and offering them exceptional service, of which blanket orders are an integral part.

Blanket orders are advantageous for companies that:

•    … lack necessary storage space:
As products are delivered on a regular basis, there is no need to worry about storage or about damaged, stolen or lost goods.

•    … don’t want to constantly renew the same order:
No need to worry about inventory. Clients can order for the year and receive their stock in predetermined quantities.

•    … want competitive pricing:
Instead of placing the same order several times a year, customers can get a better price by placing one big order. And since it’s determined in advance, the amount billed won’t change if prices go up.

•    … don’t want excess paperwork:
Every time a company places an order, the clerical machine goes crazy: payables, receivables, paperwork, etc. The blanket order reduces this to one sole order per year.

If you are in need of some peace of mind, let me know!