Earlier this week, Jean Éthier, our president, honoured the long-term commitment of several employees, such as Serge, from the label production department, who has been with IMS for 30 years. Naturally, those present started to ask each other how long they’ve all worked here, and I wanted to go a step further. Upon verification of the registers, I noticed that more than 50 % of current employees have been with IMS for over 10 years and (ready?) one employee out of five has been here for at least 20 years. For our customers, this is much more than simple value-added!

Employee loyalty management, customer loyalty management

Today, it’s getting harder to find long serving employees. Many companies, faced with high employee turnover, are looking for the secret to solidify their own employee loyalty management. Ideally, a company wants employees who treat customers as if the company was their own, who take to heart its success and who are looking to grow with the company.

However, the secret of loyalty management also applies to clients. And clients like to count on employees with experience, employees who know not only the history of their company but also its evolution. Long serving employees, thanks to their experience and their knowledge of various aspects of the company, will know more easily when it’s appropriate to bend the rules to satisfy a client. Because when you’re a client, you don’t like to hear, “sorry but no, it’s company policy.”

In my opinion, a client, by definition, shouldn’t have to do more than the minimum to get a quality product or service. If all employees collaborate toward the realization of a common goal, centred on customer satisfaction, they’ll have a stronger desire to continue to be a part of the adventure, just like at IMS. Let’s continue to offer our clients the best of our expertise!