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June 2013 – What you missed


Label printer buying guide

Now you can download our label printer buying guide to help you choose the equipment that best suits your needs. Our guide is comprised of about 20 models and is available free of charge.

Great reasons to combine dairy products and sleeves

The heat-shrink sleeve label is becoming more popular in the food sector, particularly in the dairy industry. In two blog posts, we provide two great reasons why the sleeve is the preferred traditional packaging alternative: eye candy and the possibilities of co-branding.

IMS: a customer-centred company

It’s good to be customer-oriented. But it’s even better to be customer-centred. Learn why it’s important to pamper your clients by anticipating their needs and showing interest in what they do.

Warehouse and stock management

If at first glance it may be difficult to determine which barcode reader or terminal is the best adapted to your needs, there are certain models designed for specific types of industries. Here we’ll discuss the warehouse and stock management industry from a data capture perspective.

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