In the food industry, as with retail, pharmaceutical and manufacturing, an attractive brand label makes all the difference. Between a product with a monochrome label and a product with a professional and colourful design, the latter will most likely attract your attention and increase the product’s credibility.

With the latest technological developments and solutions available at IMS, such as the Colordyne printer, you can now make your own colour labels easily and for the same price as monochrome labels! So why wait?

5 arguments for the in-house production of your colour labels

Cut back on your inventory costs

You’ll no longer need to invest capital in an inventory of labels of all shapes and sizes that takes up valuable warehouse space.  Use this space instead for your production.

Just in time

Now you can make changes to your labels instantly. Practical for responding quickly to new regulations and ingredients as well as for applying variable information, such as serial numbers, to facilitate the traceability of your products.

Quality and speed

Printers today are able to print at a speed of up to 12 inches per second with a resolution of 1600 dpi (dots per inch) on several types of labels, be it on regular paper or recycled paper. You can read my blog post on this topic by clicking here.


Black or colour, it’s now the same price.


The latest generation of printers can print a variety of label widths (from 2 to 8.5 inches) using any number of different modes (roll to roll, fanfold, continuous).

Lastly, I recommend downloading our label printer buying guide. I’d be more than happy to discuss your needs and give you advice in the matter!