To reduce environmental and financial costs, you can turn off the lights when you leave a room, turn off your computer monitor at the end of the day and turn off your inkjet label printer before you leave for the evening. The electricity used by each individual machine in an office isn’t that much, but if we consider all of them together, it represents a significant annual expenditure for your company. Nevertheless, turning off your printer could cost you… a lot!

Self-Servicing Mode

The latest generation of commercial and industrial inkjet printers, such as the Colordyne printers, save on energy thanks to their automatic sleep mode. Besides energy saving features, these machines also have special self-servicing options that ensure optimal performance. Self-maintenance includes print head cleaning to prevent the ink from drying, and thus blocking, the tiny ink jet holes of the print head.

There’s nothing more bothersome than unwanted or missing lines on your labels. This occurs when the print head is dirty or when some holes are blocked by dry ink or debris. To prevent this, Colordyne inkjet printers and other products available at IMS have a self-cleaning function that adapts itself according to the printer use and idle time.

Don’t switch off your Ink Jet printer

This is why IMS recommends not turning off your inkjet printer, except during maintenance or repair by a technician. It’s better to waste a small quantity of ink in self-cleaning mode than to invest a few hundred dollars in a new print head, not to mention wasted supplies if dried up.

This recommendation comes directly from our technicians. Their experience reveals that inkjet printers that are properly taken care of and stay on at all times are less likely to break down and function incorrectly and require less print heads changes.

So keep your good energy saving habits and leave your inkjet printer turned on. You’ll still sleep well knowing that you’re taking care of the environment and even better knowing that you’ll avoid the premature purchase of a new print head.