If you have a look at our label printer buying guide, you’ll notice that of all the inkjet printers that we offer, there are several models that use dye-based inks and only one that use pigment-based inks.

The VIP Color VP495 is the one that uses pigment-based ink cartridges to satisfy specific needs. First, let’s see the difference between dye-based and pigment-based inks.

To each his “ink”

Dye-based inks are more popular. To put it simply, the print head applies the drops which are absorbed by the paper fibres and form a point of colour. Since these are paper fibres that absorb colour, they can be degraded by water, chemical reactions and sunlight. Dye-based inks have the advantage of drying quickly. For general use, it’s perfect.

Pigment-based inks are also applied to paper in drops. Compared to dye-based inks, however, the ink is not absorbed by paper fibres, but forms capsulated particles that attach to the surface of the paper. This type of ink is resistant to chemical products, water and sunlight. Pigment-based inks are strong enough to preserve the printing quality for applications in difficult environments, like labels for cleaning products, safety labels, transportation labels, refrigerated and retail products, equipment labels, horticulture labels, etc.

The type of paper

Like any labelling solution, the paper on which you’ll print your labels should also be taken into consideration. Porous paper, optimized paper for pigment-based inks and others are part of your labelling solution.

The glue

Don’t forget the adhesive required for your labels. Depending on your needs, this could be critical.

Choosing ink and printer according to your needs

So if you have to buy the necessary equipment to make labels, evaluate whether your products are chemical products, if they are exposed to light, transported in extreme environments or if the product has a long operational life. In any of these situations, you might want to consider an inkjet printer using pigment-based inks. Otherwise, inkjet printers with dye-based inks would be a natural choice.

The right labelling solution

Here I addressed the question of inks for inkjet printers. This is a major element for manufacturing labels applied to products that have to resist the sun and other elements. This is why I suggest downloading our label printer buying guide and contacting one of our specialists.