Ever since the introduction of the iPad in 2010, its size has been revered worldwide.

Why? Because the tablet is an excellent compromise between performance, ergonomics and mobility. It’s lighter and less cumbersome than a laptop. If this product was first intended for consumers, then its professional application seems logical and the tablet appears to be an excellent opportunity to increase the productivity of your team on the terrain thanks to its mobility and ease of use.

The tablet for household use: a well adapted tool

We have already seen Apple sellers use iPads for data entry. The tool is practical since it is lightweight, intuitive and fast. But an iPad or other Tablet intended for consumption is too fragile and scarcely compatible with the realities of industrial and manufacturing enterprises. The iPad or the traditional Android tablets (there are “robust” versions) are really not intended for use in the outdoors, even though their ergonomics may be a way to increase productivity.

This is why the tablet had to adapt, and at IMS, we are proud to offer a processing information tool for use in the outdoors.

The Motion tablet; a tablet for industrial use

The Motion F5te tablet was created especially for the needs of outdoor data entry. It weighs only 1.5 kg and is therefore very mobile and robust with its internal reinforced magnesium alloy frame, its anti-vibration system and its ultra solid Gorilla glass display. In other words, rain, dust or heat  are not a problem for this tablet.

Above all, the Motion tablet fits perfectly with your everyday working needs. With its Windows design, it is compatible with your existing computer equipment. In addition, this tablet has a handle, camera, and available Bluetooth, WiFi  connectivity making it as complete and functional as possible. WWAN connectivity is also available as an option which can be really practical if you need an access to your data on the road.

In a nutshell, this rugged and waterproof tablet meets your needs in a sometimes hostile environment. It’s a great way to facilitate the life of your team on the terrain and increase their productivity.

And you, would you make the move to using a Motion tablet?