A couple of weeks ago, we tackled on-site studies and saw how they could be helpful and efficient to optimize your process, and therefore improve your productivity and your ROI.

In what cases should you call an expert to examine your site and draw conclusions to help?

A new line of products

You just invested in a new line of products, and you’re thinking about automating the process. Before you get on with it, an on-site study could be worth doing. The expert will measure the area, analyze your infrastructure so that all the processes being used with the new line of products can be optimized thanks to barcode readers and labeling systems, or other solutions.

An expert will save you from future adjustments and will take into account some solutions you may not have thought about. All in all, he’ll improve your ROI.

A new technology

You are integrating a new technology in your process (a barcode system, a conveyor, a print and apply label printer, etc). You surely have an idea of how to set it up and how to integrate it in your installation. But the point of view of an expert, objective and new, on the situation, will allow you to get the most out of your investment and make it even more efficient.

Replace obsolete equipments

You’ve made up your mind. It’s time to replace the equipment which dates back a few years (or more). Replacing equipment is a pretty important investment; and an on-site study will help you make this investment worth it, integrating automation systems for labeling, barcode readers and interesting software solutions from the very beginning. You will get advice on those “accessories” and on equipment to integrate in your process and make it worthwhile.

Long-term planning

On-site studies can also be helpful when there aren’t any changes on the agenda. It’s an analysis of a situation which helps to plan for the future, to see the possible improvements and take them into account. It’s like a diagnosis which will allow you to be ahead and know where to go when the time to invest comes around. Such a study could help you plan the installation of a print and apply labeling solution, automatic or semi-automatic for instance. Barcode readers on a conveyor would be another solution to improve the process.

All in all, an on-site study is always useful. Whether it’s time to install a new line of products or a new technology, or even when you don’t plan to invest. It is pertinent because it offers you the advice of an expert to optimize your process, and improve your productivity and ROI.