Christmas is coming. It’s a time dedicated to joy, family and happiness. But this blissful time should not hide the fate of people who are less lucky. Whether they are in the Philippines, Haiti, Africa or elsewhere, IMS decided to make a commitment.


This year, IMS contributes in its way. We are giving our support to L’Oeuvre Léger, which commits itself tirelessly for the destitute in order to give them back hope and dignity. The mission of L’Oeuvre Léger is to support community actions which are innovatory and commited to well-being for vulnerable or marginalized people. They do so focusing on actions with strong and concrete impact.

Through this campaign, IMS employees wish to gather $2500 to donate. IMS is really proud of this initiative which reflects perfectly the generosity of its members, in a context where social networks are more and more present. Something as simple as a click can mean a lot!

How can you help, then? It is easy. Give us a follow on our LinkedIn page before December 31 and IMS will donate $10 per new follower to L’Oeuvre Léger.

Therefore, I invite you to take part in this generous action by subscribing – if it’s not already done – and by sharing this action on your social network.

In addition to contributing, you will also be able to  follow IMS’s news and the evolution of this fundraising!