The challenges of labels during the Holidays

It’s the holiday season and it’s a good time to sell your products. For many industries, it is a key period of the year where they sell more. Adapting and preparing is therefore necessary!

So, how do you best prepare for this period?

Prepare in advance

It is what the majority of customers do. Processing orders in advance ensures having ready stock and being prepared for this period! The only problem is that it is difficult to predict in advance which products to stock, and the final production.

Another very interesting option is to print in-house.

In-house printing

Today, inkjet printers print labels very quickly and in high quality colors. You’ll gain flexibility, especially with regards to inventory management. No need to provide and store large quantities of labels ahead of time. You can now produce them gradually and just in time, according to your production needs. This way, you avoid the hazards of production and you print the exact number of labels. It is one of the most effective and the most efficient solutions during this period!

Dealing with the unexpected

The holiday season can, at times, be a month of stress and urgency, which is often accompanied by the unexpected. Sometimes, production exceeds the stock of ready labels and you need to find a quick solution.

Also, a stop of production, being out of stock or another unforeseen circumstance during the period of December can be very inopportune. The consequences at this time of the year are very important.

To deal with such an event, IMS provides an Express Service. This way, in less than 48 hours (under certain conditions), you can get quality labels delivered directly to you so you can take advantage of the holidays to the maximum.

So, how have you prepared your labels for the holidays?