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November 2013 – What you missed


The guide for a recycling-friendly label

Recycling is at stake. Bottles and containers have to be recycling-friendly, then the labels glued on them have to be recycling-friendly as well. Another solution to consider is to make the recycling process easier and help to take apart the label from its container.

The 3 benefits of “pressure sensitive” labels

A pressure sensitive label is a label which does not need any adhesive before it’s applied. It’s an economic solution and will help you win time and money!

When networking is synonym with solidarity!

IMS supports L’Oeuvre Léger! For each new follower on our LinkedIn page, we will give 10 dollars to the charity! Don’t wait and give us a follow!

Certification marks: what’s the impact on consumers?

A certification mark puts forward a quality of the product. But does it always have a positive impact on the consumers? Where should you put it on your label? Some answers are in this article!

Deal of the moment: IMS color label workshops!

We are really happy to invite to our Color Label Workshop. We will show you the advantages of in-house printing and how a inkjet printer is an interesting solution to print color labels that look amazing and for an interesting price.

In what conditions would an on-site study be pertinent?

Why would you do an on-site study? You will find some examples of situations where it would be pertinent to have an expert from IMS to help! Whether it is for new products or replacement of equipment, IMS can help!

CSA or UL, which certification to choose?

CSA and UL are the two main certifications in North America. But, which one should you choose? Here are the differences and some indications to make your choice easier.