When one speaks of label printers, they often speak of their quality, their robustness and durability. But like any machine, a printer can show signs of fatigue or failure at the end of their life cycle. All printers will eventually come to their end, but it is not always a requirement to reinvest in new equipment!

Reinvesting in new equipment can prove to be quite expensive, especially since in many cases, a piece can be repaired or replaced and your printer will have a second life!

A failure can greatly reduce the productivity of your business. In this case, ordering new equipment may be long, and the loss of time and productivity can be very costly for your business. If a repair is possible, this solution will be faster and less costly for you and your company, which will be able to resume production quickly.

Of course, a repair is not always possible, but when a printer stops working, the failure is not necessarily definitive. Sometimes, just a part or the creative idea of an expert is needed to re-launch the machine, and thus delivering savings. In other words, an expert’s eye from technical services can make you earn money and you won’t have to reinvest in new label printers. If the printer is permanently out of service, the technical services may advise you and help you choose a solution quickly so that your production can resume.

In addition, repair and reuse has an advantage: it makes your printer more sustainable. It is known that plastics and materials of a printer are easily recyclable. Replacing a part and repairing a printer avoids getting rid of it and limiting your environmental impact.

Whether your printer brand is Zebra, Toshiba, VIP Color, Sato or Datamax-O’Neil, our technicians have thorough knowledge of these products and will help you out in case your label printers fail.