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May 2014 – What you missed

Products and consumers: what lessons can we draw from the last UL report

UL is one of the major bodies with regard to product certification. Their latest report on products and consumers is very interesting, especially how this relates to consumer confidence in products, which is on the rise. What are these reasons? Certifications and quality labels, of course!

QR codes for fresh seafood

When it comes to oysters and lobsters, freshness is what counts the most. A great idea to use a QR Code to track Seafood products came out of a market in the state of Washington. The consumer can find out the origin of what they have on their plate, in just a few seconds.

Shrink Sleeves and recycling: what’s new?

Innovations to make Shrink Sleeve labels more environmentally friendly are numerous. The latest being a sleeve with ink that does not bleed out and, separates easily from its container in the recycling tanks. It’s progress, and a small step in an eco friendly direction!

The authenticity of the client experience

As the needs and requirements of clients evolve, Our customers are not all the same; their demands have changed in the last 20, 30 or 50 years. The customer experience must now be authentic, unique and customized. That is why IMS aims to be more than a supplier; IMS’s goal is to be a partner.

Customized labels: the importance of standing out

The Coca-Cola campaign, where labels were personalized with names, was a fantastic success. Why? Because it created a very close relationship between the customer and the product. This is further evidence that the relationship between product and customer is key. Shrink Sleeves and labels are a great way to increase this connection.

The deal of the moment: 15% discount on all our contracts and agreements

Ensuring that your printers (thermal and inkjet), and applicators work best and do not hinder your production is priceless. That is why IMS offers service contracts and agreements. In addition, enjoy a 15% discount on all our contracts and services!