After the Baltimore Natural Products Expo East trade show, we are now preparing for the Quebec City Industrial Trade Show, the PACK EXPO in Chicago and PACKEX in Montreal. We are also working on a few projects that will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Last September was a “back in business” month, with new products, interesting new studies and innovations in the world of labels and product identification.

As usual, here is a summary of the events from last month, because we believe that good content always deserves a second chance! Enjoy the read.


September 2014 – what you missed

Three things to consider before buying a barcode reader

A barcode reader is a key element of the product identification process. In this article are three things to consider before choosing one!

When a QR code isn’t a good idea

QR codes are everywhere, and some are even used too much. Sometimes, a QR code is counter-productive. Whether it’s on a banner, used without explanation or unscannable, here are some examples of when not to use QR codes.

Zebra launches a thermal printer for the health industry

Zebra is a leading manufacturer of thermal label printers. Their new GC420HC model is an excellent solution for the medical industry. Robust, fast and reliable, this model will quickly become a part of hospitals.

Craft beer: a study confirms the importance of the label

Microbreweries and other craft beers are making their mark and sales are growing every year. A new study examines this phenomenon, and it seems that the label and the appearance of these products are two important factors.

A shrink sleeve label: is it really more expensive?

Shrink sleeve labels are more and more common on the shelves. But are they really more expensive? The answer is in this article!

Labels that communicate with your smart phones

NFC technology offers unlimited possibilities, especially with labels. These “smart” tags can communicate with smart phones and provide relevant information. To be continued!