Being different is key for many products. It involves the design, the appearance, the added value that the product has to offer, and, therefore, promotional offers or marketing campaigns that encourage consumers to buy the product.

Although a shrink sleeve label has a big impact on grocery store shelves, it can be limiting when it’s time to implement a marketing strategy that requires interaction with the label. One common example is a contest. The product, once consumed, provides a code that can be used to enter a contest and win prizes. But where do you put this code in the case where a bottle has a shrink sleeve label?

The UK company Clondalkin Flexible Packaging has found a solution that should make the shrink sleeve label more effective. Like the peel-back label we talked about a few months ago, the sleeve comes off and reveals a code. No long explanations or additional information here, just a code to make the product more attractive; the consumer can now interact with the product. For brands, this is a great way to add that little “extra” that sells and stands out from the competition with proven effective methods and a label that makes a difference.

The usefulness of this method also exceeds the marketing campaign. Indeed, this small, discrete code within the label can also increase traceability and reduce counterfeiting. It’s a means of authenticating a product while maintaining an aesthetic label that catches the buyer’s eye. And we know that enhanced aesthetics and efficiency in terms of identification can be a challenge.

With this innovation, the shrink sleeve label meets growing needs in the industry while establishing its effect on consumers.