What will the consumers look for in 2015? What trends will emerge in the packaging and labeling industry?

One of the first studies of the year shows a fairly strong indicator: packaging in 2015 will be sustainable. The study, conducted by Opinion Research Business International Corporation for Asia Pulp & Paper, is quite clear: more than half of Americans want more sustainable options in paper and packaging for the products they buy.

This is true for packaging itself – recyclable packaging will be more successful than non-recyclable packaging – and also for packaging materials. Paper, cardboard, plastics; all these materials now have alternatives and sustainable solutions that practically offer the same guarantees in terms of aesthetics and efficiency. We’ve mentioned this for a while now on this blog; solvent-free inks, recycled papers and recyclable plastics.
What consumers are looking for is also a transparent and sustainable choice of raw materials such as FSC approved papers, for example.

The strongest evidence of this consumer commitment and the desire for more sustainable packaging is that 52% of respondents (in the youngest age group – consumers of upcoming decades) are willing to pay more for products that are more in line with the principles of sustainable development. This strong signal should push brands to rearrange their priorities. A green product sells more than an inexpensive product.

Being sustainable is more and more important in the purchase decision. No doubt that brands will soon consider this data and adapt. If not, they might fall behind and losing market shares. 2015 will be the year of green packaging!