February and 2015 just started, and the first trends are beginning to emerge in the world of packaging. It seems that 2015 will be a year of minimalism a year where “Less is more” appears to be a motto.

The Dieline, a real influencer and reference in the world of packaging, identifies four major trends for 2015: visual authenticity, the luxury of “less”, ultra-pure and sustainable packaging (as we have already mentionned this year). But what do these trends actually mean for our industry?

In a way, these four trends are all going in the same direction: minimalism. Authenticity is often transmitted by references to the past, with simple vintage illustrations, hand writings and natural colors. Textures are also honored: the products must have texture. Therefore, they will stand out and offer a minimalist aesthetic that is also visible and eye-catching.

The latest trend suggested by The Dieline is quite simple: extreme purity consists of monochrome packaging, with very simple and straightforward designs, without logos or graphics. This is a very minimalist approach that gives the products a stylish, modern and attractive appearance.

2015 should confirm the evolution of packaging and labels for some years now. Complex visuals are less frequent in favor of simple, modern and efficient visuals that highlight the product without exaggeration.

When you think about it, this trend actually plays on the distinction. Minimalism and lack of complicated visuals contrast and stand out on the shelves. The product therfore appears much simpler and “more real”. That’s how it makes a difference.

Will 2015 be the year of minimalist packaging? We’ll have the answer in 2016!