A shrink sleeve label can cover your entire product; be it a bottle, a can or another type of container. This is one of its main advantages, as this 360-degree printing surface allows for an effect on consumers. The shrink sleeve label is actually more than just a label; it becomes a packaging in itself, and therefore, allows to differentiate them from the competition.

Because it shrinks and it’s possible to anticipate it’s distortion with 3D software, the shrink sleeve label permits us to adapt to containers original shapes. It is therefore possible to distinguish its products by changing the label but also on the shape of the packaging.

It seems that a new way to differentiate will soon be possible, with texture. Imagine the possibilities of a shrink sleeve label with texture! A shrink sleeve label with a PVC or PETG film (the two most common materials used for sleeves) can now offer a unique texture, with lines and detailed forms. The label becomes tactile and visual impact is even stronger with a 3D effect on the packaging.

These special effects open a new world of possibilities for packaging. More so, shrink sleeve labels offer more varieties and adapt to almost any need, in addition to offering a competitive advantage on the shelves.

The uses of this innovation can be many: highlighting a logo, creating a texture on a bottle, adding texture to a label, or even offering a label with an embossed, unique visual.

In any case, this innovation reaffirms that the shrink sleeve label is one of the best ways to make your products unique.