Sometimes we find ourselves faced with many issues on packaging. We hesitate between the recycling bin and the regular trash. Should we rinse the container? Should we recycle the cork? All this added to the local issue that unfortunately, many places still do not have recyclable packaging collection systems.

This slightest doubt can lead to errors, which has a greater impact than we may think: a non-recyclable product placed in the recycling bin will slow down the sorting process and may present a contamination risk of the final material. On the other hand, throwing out recyclable packaging is creating pollution and sending non-compostable products to landfill sites or places where they will be incinerated and will end up as dangerous gases and pollutants.

A simple “recyclable” logo is quite limited; hence the initiative of a How2Recycle Label, an attempt to standardized labels for the message to be clearer, therefore causing fewer mistakes. This labeling will advise us if we can recycle it directly, whether to rinse it before, dry it, remove the cap, or, if it is advisable to check with local authorities if the type of material in question is taken into account or not, or, whether to go drop the empty package to a collection point.

We sometimes forget, but one of the major challenges of recycling is education and, these labels make it easy and possible to have an idea of what to do with packaging at a glance. Today, this initiative is adopted by McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, Target and many other big names. The most effective and direct harmonized system may be carried out in North America. To be followed up!