More than just a label with undeniable impact, a shrink sleeve label can be contrived and can “surround” different sized containers. This is called a multipack and, this solution is often used for bottles, especially in the beer industry as well as for soft drinks and beverages. The “multipacks” sleeve has the advantage of keeping all the products together, without resorting to expensive and often bulky boxes. Also, the sleeve acts as a multipacks warranty seal, proving that products have not been altered before purchase.

It can also cover unwanted information (like barcodes) and make other information visible.

Most often, these sleeves are transparent and allow you to highlight the product. But, it would be a shame to resort to this when the sleeve can be designed as a new label, and therefore, have a stronger impact and attract the attention of consumers on the grocery shelves, with promotions or catchy visuals, for example.

How can you do this?

There are several interesting solutions: playing with visuals that will showcase the product as a multipacks sleeve (if the multipacks sleeve is colorful and visually strong, the impact will be even greater), create practical tools with special perforations (which create handles, for example, as for packs of mineral water), etc.

In fact, we could consider the sleeve as a separate label. It covers all products to form a package and, it will certainly stand out on the shelves. If we take the example of Groslch beers, we notice that the sleeve multipack highlights the logo and it has a strong visual, based with bright colors which transmits the idea of freshness; a vital concept for the beer market.

The package is original and coherent and, it stands out on the shelves. In other words, this package combines aesthetics, impact, design, convenience and savings.

Moreover, there are many possibilities and sleeve multipacks can help restore a youth or an identity to a product, while saving money!