Packaging is an important part of everyday life. When one reaches out to grab a product, there is a package around it. The packaging is an interface between the product and the consumer, which is why it has to be successful.

Here are 5 tips for successful packaging!

  1. Be easy to identify and stand out. Before arriving in one’s pantry, the products we purchase are on the shelves. They must therefore have a real identity and be easy to recognize at a glance. The color, a strong message and shape are key components. Of course, it is necessary that the packaging is consistent across a wide range, especially relevant to the type of product.
  2. Think about the consumers. Can a consumer easily grab your product with one hand? Does its shape allow it to be easy to store? This may be small details, but it counts for consumers! They are the ones using your products, so think of them!
  3. Be intuitive. The ideal product does not need instruction. It should be simple to understand and to open for use. There is a good chance that products that are impractical will not reappear on a grocery list …
  4. The purpose of packaging is to protect the product. Remember that your packaging’s primary mission is to protect the product. A successful package must guarantee a fresh product and, it must also be solid. You would not want a consumer to transfer the contents of your package, to then throw it out; it’s not ideal for the presence of your brand!
  5. Less is more. Too much packaging can kill the packaging. Stay simple and effective. Emphasize sustainability and recycling, and above all, stay tuned to your consumers.

You can also share your advice with us for successful packaging!