Now that you know all of your product’s legal requirements within its distribution area and have a thorough understanding of your distributors’ and retailers’ expectations, you can start the fun part of creating a packaging that will compel people to pick it up. Here are some simple guidelines


If it doesn’t stand out, people simply won’t see it. Want to make it stand out? Have a simple design that is bold, with minimal clutter.  It is crucial that the information and design don’t ”fight” each other for the consumer’s attention. This way, people 10 or 20 feet away, won’t see visual noise, but rather a simple message that calls them in.


Make sure everything on that packaging points to the product’s main benefit for the consumer. It should be talking about how it can solve a problem or enhance a user’s work or play, not about some technical point that is supposed to show off how great the product is. Nobody cares how many pages per minute a printer can print, really. They do care about how the product can increase their efficiency, make printing easier or print even nicer images.


Make sure the product has enough crystal clear information on it to sell itself. Stores are often either understaffed or suffering from high turn over so if your end user does actually speak to someone (providing they can find them) the appropriate messaging may not be conveyed and the sale may be lost. If the product can explain itself effectively and saves the retailer some work, they will be grateful and so will the store staff.

Quality printing is key

Once you have a good Idea on a design that pops and that will attract, you must choose the appropriate print method. Rule of thumb: Make it the highest quality possible, no matter what method you choose. The quality of the packaging is a statement in itself. It speaks directly about the quality of the product.  An interesting exception to the quality rule here is making an eco statement with a very simple box with no added colour except in the information added. Even then, perceived quality can be conveyed if the graphics and fonts are elegant in design.

Choose the appropriate print method

Flexographic printing has increased in quality in recent years, with a wide variety of inks that dry quickly and can be used on many different types of surfaces, porous or non-porous.  It is a relatively inexpensive method to recreate precisely the same images countless times.

Shrink sleeve packaging can be absolutely spectacular in the way it shapes itself around the product and gives the consumer a 3D experience of its benefit statements. As product shapes become more complex, shrink sleeve can easily follow with its form hugging qualities. It also enables a manufacturer to cut costs, as there is no need to give the product itself a particular colour or combination of colours. The shrink sleeve does all the work.

Digital inkjet printing can now offer high quality, and highly computerized production methodology that enables you change designs effortlessly. It is ideal create smaller production runs or even completely personalize every single product!

Consult with us to find an appropriate print method to get the most out of your packaging, keep within your budget and attain your product’s business objectives.