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Have you noticed, they are everywhere! Pressure sensitive labels, aka PLA in the industry jargon, are part of our daily lives. Commonly used on food and beverage products, they can be added to packaging for barcoding / UPC codes, price tags, shipping labels and all other multi-purpose identification and information labels such as ingredients list on grocery or catered food, beer and wine labels.

All shapes or forms

When thinking of labels, the standard out of the box rectangular format come to mind first. Don’t forget, oval and round are available too.

When designing your label, get creative, get bold! Ask your supplier if they can make you custom shaped blank labels for you to print on demand. You label is an integral part of your product and corporate branding!

Printer types

Pressure sensitive labels can easily be produced in-house using high speed yet affordable quality ink jet printers.

Ink jet technology has come a long way over the recent years and now offers full process colours at more than 1600 dpi for the price of black and white labels!


If you want your product labels done very nicely, consider thermal or direct thermal printers for your shipping labels, with or without barcodes.



If you’re producing limited quantity of products such as specialty wine, you could manually label your bottle with love. In this particular case, there is an affordable solution for wine bottle labelling, which is a bit faster, but still with love.

Should you have a good quantity of products to label, you are certainly looking to optimize your processes and proceed with speedy production lines. Equipment such as label applicators are to be considered with some expert help for your feasibility study. Such devices are not that expensive considering the return on investment they provide.


Special needs

Pressure sensitive labels not only look nice but have to stick right. It is vital when you put your food and beverage products on the market.

Have you thought of your packaging’s end of life, and its recycling?

Choosing the right adhesive is a conscious decision when designing your label and product. Making it easy for recycling facilities to take your label off to separate paper from plastic or glass, is a green and sustainable development decision. Talk to us about the best adhesive for your product.

Choosing the right solution

As you can read, many elements come to into play when exploring pressure sensitive labels for your food and beverage products.

To help you through this process, take a look to our printing guide and talk to experts to select the best labeling solution for your label and adhesive, to fit your actual and future needs.



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