Laundry detergents, surface cleaners and dishwasher products are 3 hyper-competitive merchandise categories on the retail market. Aside from aggressive promotions and customers’ relentless pursuit of value , it’s all in the packaging and product labeling to communicate differentiation and demonstrate the value of the product. Here are some points sought out by consumers, in the laundry products category. A sort of reminder for your next update of laundry product labels.

Quality of product

Consumers have only a few seconds to choose your product on the shelves. Often loyal to the product that they have adopted, they are looking for clear information to quickly add the right product to their shopping cart.


As you know, laundry products are offered in a range of sizes and scents and have different properties.

The singling out of the scent aspect of the product is often supported by  graphics, a picture or a color theme. Let’s take the example of La Parisienne’s ‘Sunshine scent’ laundry detergent. Note the sunflowers inspired yellow color theme, including  the product’s cap.



Parisienne_Eau_froideThe energy consumption aspect may also attract consumers. Many consumers seek out soaps for washing with cold water. Detergents formulated to work in cold water are differentiated from others. The “cold water” mention is therefore important. You will also notice the winter theme and associated blue cap.





Finally, special needs, such as allergenic or adapted products for sensitive skin, or products for babies, have their place on the shelves too. Some consumers are actively seeking out these products. A clear indication of these characteristics is important.


Parisienne_HighEfficiencySince the appearance of HE “High Efficiency” washing machines, consumers must make the right product choice to comply with the type of device used. The water level used with HE devices is lower during the wash and rinse cycles. This implies that the detergent must produce less foam and dissolve quickly. It is important to use HE detergents for HE washers. However, HE detergents can be used without problems in conventional washers. Displaying a logo for this purpose can facilitate a super-quick purchase decision.

Environmental aspects


It’s well known that a segment of the population is in search of greener products, with biodegradability or other green virtues. There are several ways to address this consumer demand. The first is the biodegradable appearance. A cleaning product, such as soap cannot help but end up in the environment, so, the faster it can biodegrade, the better. Mentioning this quality is a must and should be clearly highlighted.

Informing the consumer that the bottle is produced from recycled materials and to what percentage is part of the product and its environmental qualities. Notice this constant presence of this quality on La Parisienne products. It’s in the background, yet still noticeable.

Clarity and a few seconds

As you can see, consumers like you and I have little time to choose the right laundry product. Facilitating this choice is paramount. This is why clarity is required when you design your product labels. Some elements deserve more attention or should be highlighted while others must be present while remaining in the background.

Making the right choices

Finally, keep in mind that the graphics deserve a high quality print. Let’s not ignore the proper choice of paper and glue to facilitate separation when the time comes for consumers to dispose of your packaging. Contact us to make the right choices.