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Picnic season, meetings between friends and, outings at the drop of a hat; summer is too short in our Nordic country to not make the best of it. Speaking of the best, why deprive yourself of the joys of wine in all in moderation and with variety!


5 trends leading to individual portions

Always up to date on consumer preferences, wine producers and the packaging industry make the most of the 5 trends identified in a study done by Packaged Facts,

Food and Beverage Packaging Innovation in the U.S.: Consumer Perspectives


The 5 trends are :

  1. Millennials
  2. Small packages
  3. Practical packaging / convenience
  4. Transparent packaging that increase sales
  5. Environmental friendly packaging

Combine all these trends and you get an incredible opportunity for the wine industry: single serving glasses!

The wine glass

Around the world, clever wine producers are partnering with packaging companies such as ZipZap Packaging Technologies, to develop individual portions of their products in what might be the world’s most natural shape in the world: a glass! What else?


Whether it’s a plastic cups with an aluminum lid or, small glasses with original and ergonomic designs and an anti splash rim, the wine industry is working hard to seduce millennials and others with the most convenient sizes.


Take Copa Divino for example. This producer located in The Dalles, Oregon, near the majestic Columbia River canyon, offers 7 products: Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Moscato, Merlot, White Zinfandel and Rieslig, in a glass made of recyclable material that maintains the wines up to one full year after being opened, thanks to its freshness seal. But not to worry: your stock won’t be burdened with it for anywhere near that long.

The “pre-portioned out” bottle

On a convenience level, Stack Wines solves the problem of sharing a bottle by offering the equivalent of a bottle, already contained in 4 glasses within a super practical design. No need to worry about packing up all your picnic gear. You can unexpectedly order a tasty pizza and a Stack Wine to enjoy by the sea; a good wine and good food!


The sleeve: the single wine serving’s natural friend

Of course, you could use labels for this type of container but I’m sure you’ll agree that these individual formats lend themselves perfectly to the use of the sleeve. As you may already know, the sleeve can also be transparent in whole or, in part and, used as wrapping to group and protect more of these small glasses together. A perfect match!


To offer your wine products (or other liquids) in individual portions, in addition to  aluminum can, you now also have these versatile, new plastic or glass containers, offering consumers the convenience to enjoy no-hassle good wine, with friends, on the go.



To get up to speed on millennials and the advantages of the wine glass, here’s a promotional ZipZap video about their products.