Personalized packaging is an undisputed trend in consumer goods marketing. According to Mintel, an American research firm, one-fifth of U.S. millennials are seeking custom or personalized packaging. We’ve also seen large brands such as coke, Absolut, Heineken and Bud light churn out millions of sought-after individualized bottles. Their differentiation schemes have included having first names printed on them (coke), or constantly changing the artwork during production (Absolut and Bud light).

Personalized packaging: what does it take?

Without having to go that far, you too can profit from this approach. What’s the payoff? It can help you create a real connection with your customers. Cultivating the uniqueness of your product in their eyes is a sure way to create an emotional bond and increase customer loyalty.

All it takes is familiarity with the sub-segments of your customer-base, a good-quality inkjet printer and the right labels.

The advantage of digital inkjet printing is having created and sized your artwork, manipulating the graphics during the production process can be done easily and quickly compared to flexographic printing, and with comparable if not higher quality. Production change overs can be simple and fast.

To keep your production costs in check, the best way to implement personalized packaging is to bring your label printing in-house. Here at IMS, we’ve been helping companies set up their in-house printing and labeling for decades.

Needed equipment and supplies

Our most recent printer, the Neuralabel 300x (on which we currently have a promotion!) is specially designed for on-demand printing, thanks to its ability to handle labels from 3” to 8.5” in width. It also delivers high-quality printing with pigment inks and integrates easily with graphic design software.

Choosing the right label is essential. Want a good idea of what kind of labels are available? Have a look at our buying guide.

When it comes to application, we’ve also got you covered. We can help you choose from large variety of label application equipment and ensure its integration to your production process goes smoothly, thanks to our highly skilled and personalized service.


Customization can not only be a powerful tool to differentiate yourself from the competition, it can also help you create a more loyal customer base.

If you’d like to explore this exciting option don’t hesitate to contact us!