In the first part of this post, you discovered beer packaging you can drink in the shower, water in a box, transparent packaging, and more. Here is part 2 of our top 10 most innovative and original packaging of the year according to IMS

6. Heineken: new, connected, eco-friendly and original packaging

Heineken, the famous beer brand, has always known how to innovate and stand out through its packaging. This year, it devised an innovative and eco-friendly container.

As the bottle is returnable, it’s reused and recycled in other establishments. Moreover, thanks to a QR code on the label, consumers can connect to a platform named Fobo to leave a message linked to the bottle.

Then, the next customer who purchases the bottle will see the message left by the previous consumer.

Original packaging : heineken


7. Communicative packaging

The Matchabar Tea shop/bar brand has launched a new range of beverages whose main objective is to deliver simple and short messages to buyers through its label. In addition to being 100% recyclable and made up of healthy food, the brand wishes to communicate fun and trendy messages to its consumers!

Original packaging : Matchabar


8. A cup without plastic!

The Lidloc brand created a new cup entirely made of carton. Its innovative one-piece design eliminates the use of plastic. This concept allows waste reduction and promotes eco-responsibility.

Original packaging : Lidloc


9. Faces on bottles of vodka

Absolut, the vodka brand, used the US presidential elections to imagine a bottle showing candidates (and other famous people) but without their faces. The purpose of this non-marketed bottle was to analyze the visual impact of packaging on the consumer.

Original packaging : Absolut Vodka


10. Cups to customize

To celebrate the arrival of spring, Starbucks has created a series of personalizeable cups to customize according to your mood!

A smile, a flower, a sun, consumers can let their imagination run wild!

Original packaging : Starbucks


Be original too!

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