E-commerce continues its growth all over the world. Demand is intensifying, and consumers want practicality and simplicity in their day to day purchasing process.

With the rise of new connected consumption patterns, lots of brands are using e-commerce platforms to sell their products. However, does e-commerce jeopardize waste reduction? How can brands benefit from this segment while being environmentally responsible?If you are interested in this topic, here is a previous series of posts dedicated to e-commerce and packaging:

E-commerce figures

According to emarketer, world e-commerce turnover in 2016 was $ 1,915 billion, a 24% increase from 2015. The forecast for 2020 is about 4058 billion dollars.

It would be a shame not to take advantage of this formidable tool to sell your products, if they can adapt to this type of sale.

World ecommerce turnover in billions of dollars


(source : eMarketer)

E-commerce represents a great business opportunity. However, brands wishing to offer this type of service, will have to look for packaging solutions that meet consumer demand, while adopting a responsible approach.

The challenge of e-commerce and responsible marketing

E-commerce produces more waste than the traditional distribution sector. Indeed, according to the type of product (food, decoration, accessories), packaging can be different and in multiple formats: flexible packaging, solid packaging… Also, to protect the products during transport, additional packaging is often added (bubble wrap, kraft paper, cartons …). Flexible packaging could be a solution to reduce waste, for both companies and consumers:

Benefits for companies:

  • Waste reduction
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint
  • Increased shipping volumes
  • Increased shelf life

On the consumer side:

  • Reduction of shipping costs back
  • Less waste to be recycled

Flexible packaging is not the only solution offering a more eco-friendly alternative. Indeed, thanks to tech. progress, many innovative systems will emerge in the next few years, fostering both e-commerce and waste reduction.

A re-usable package for e-commerce

Among these innovations, a reusable package created by a scandanavian company that is completely revolutionizing the e-commerce market in Finland. The RePACK concept is very simple, and doesn’t change the way to buy online.

Emballage réutilisable pour le e-commerce

How RePACK works

  • The customer orders online
  • Order is received
  • Customer returns the empty package instead of throwing it away
  • The customer gets a shipping cost refund

Advantages :

  • Reusable (more than 20 times)
  • Waste reduction due to e-commerce
  • Brand visibility

Repack vidéo

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