We’re proud to announce that IMS recently acquired three new EPSON printers. These inkjet printers complement our current lineup.

Through this series of three posts, you’ll discover a new range of EPSON printers, that will meet even your most specific needs.

Up until now the latest inkjet printer at IMS was the Neuralabel 300x. With a print width of 3inches to 8.5 inches, 20 inches per second print speed, and high resolution (2400×1200 dpi), the Neuralabel 300x is a printer of choice!

Have a look at the Neuralabel’s technical details in our catalog.

Today, we’ll talk about the EPSON COLOWORKS C3500. The next posts will be on the two other EPSON printers: COLORWORKS C7500, and COLORWORKS C831.

Why choose inkjet printing?

In a previous post, we compared offset printers and inkjet printers and explained the features and advantages of both.

With inkjet printing, you can get high-quality printing in-house. That’s because core characteristics of inkjet printing are Efficiency, speed and quality


The EPSON COLORWORKS C3500 is ideal for just-in-time printing! It allows you to print high-quality, durable labels in four colors (CMYK). Thanks to its high print speed up to 103 mm, save time, increase your productivity and efficiency. With the Colorworks C3500, you’ll be sure to get exceptional results and be able to meet unexpected needs.


  • Compact, robust design
  • High speed printing
  • High-quality printing
  • Inkjet cartridges

Industries :

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Textile
  • Footwear


  • Price Tags
  • Barcodes
  • Custom Labels
  • Product Identification and Localization by Image
  • Size Identification by Color

Technical features:

  • Inkjet printing
  • 720x360dpi Resolution
  • Print speed 103mm/s
  • Print width 76.2mm, without adaptor

For more details consult our catalog and download the brochure

Hire a professional to install your printing system!

Did you know that we offer an installation service? Incorporating a new printing system can be difficult, which is why we offer our services:

  • Physical installation of the equipment
  • Software and driver installation
  • Printing system optimization and training

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