This month, we’re back with a blog post dedicated to the label and how, thanks to graphic and typographic tricks, you can increase its effectiveness!

A few months ago, we shared a blog on the importance of packaging in your marketing strategy and how to choose packaging labels.

We know that packaging and labeling contribute to the success of a product.

Here are some tips to further enhance your labels!

1- Choosing the right typography for your label

The choice of typography for your label is important! Each font has significance and an identity. Your label should convey a message, and reflect your brand image. There are websites, such as Dafont, which allow you to find a more custom typographic style: manuscript, modern, sans serif …

For your label to attract attention, avoid run-of-the-mill and dare to use fonts that are rarely used so that you’ll be remembered. On the other hand, a classic or timeless look is also important as your label is designed to live for more than just a few months/years.

Characters that are too fine, elaborate or embellished, or too squeezed in together, may not be readable. A bold that is “too” bold may, on the other hand, be aggressive. It is up to you to find the right balance and to adapt the typography to the image of your products.

2- Play with textual content

The logo, the slogan, or the catchphrase, all these elements are paramount and will have a significant impact on the act of buying.

In the catchphrase or the text, you can play on the curiosity that will encourage the consumer to want to learn more, and therefore, encourage the purchase.

Share the emotion, deliver a message through your label: “respect for the environment”, “locally sourced”,… Promote your product!

3- Use attractive graphics

Want to develop a label that is more graphic and colorful? Why not! Simply be consistent with the message you are broadcasting and the typography used.

It’s important that your customers be able to read the message, easily identify your product, in addition to understanding the labels, including the nutritional value information.

 4- Identifying the right partner for your label printing

The final rendering of your label will come down to print quality. Therefore, you should carefully select the right printer! At IMS, we are identification solutions specialists with vast expertise!

Trust us with your project!