Enthusiasm for cannabis derivatives in Canada is growing as the legalization date approaches. Ottawa has announced that the sale of cannabis derivatives will be legal as of October 2019. The major players in agri-food and cosmetics as well as smaller entrepreneurs are preparing to sell their new products. According to a report released by Deloitte in June 2019, this market is worth an estimated annual $2.7 billion.

With such a promising figure, many businesses want to be part of the adventure. Once creation and production are determined, another important, even essential, aspect remains to be considered: packaging and labelling.

The Expertise of IMS

With over 60 years of experience in printing labels of all kinds, IMS stays abreast of new technology and legislation.

To better serve you and meet your needs, our teams are specialists in laws and regulations that govern the labelling of cannabis and derivatives. Our talented computer designers will help you adapt your design in a printable flexography file.

As a printing equipment supplier, we have a selection of printers, software and consumables to address your printing needs at your place of business. Our technicians can customize the equipment you select to your production system.

Legislation on packaging and labelling cannabis derivatives in Canada

Unlike the U.S. where products with creative, captivating designs are flourishing in states that have legalized the sale of cannabis products, Health Canada has been conservative in its regulations for the packaging and labelling of these products. 


Article 6 of the proposed approach to the regulation of cannabis prohibits the sale of cannabis and cannabis accessories that, among other things, are packaged and labelled in a manner that is appealing to youth or includes elements intended to encourage consumption, such as lifestyle branding elements or testimonials.

To curb the attraction of youth to cannabis, Health Canada proposes strict limits on the use of colour, graphics and other features of the packaging.


Don’t let these regulations stop your project. Contact us today, we will advice and support you throughout the creative process!