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Thousands of products sold today require a certification mark from either Canada-based CSA Group or U.S.-based Underwriters Laboratories. These products include mechanical and electrical devices and can be found in myriad sectors such as construction, energy, health and safety, and more. In most cases, CSA and UL labels must be resistant to certain uses and extreme conditions. In most cases, CSA and UL labels must be resistant to specific and extreme conditions of use.

Have your products received CSA or UL certification? IMS has been accredited by both organizations, allowing us to not only print the right labels, but also ensure you have the right equipment for your internal printing processes.

CSA or UL, a choice that depends on your market

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CSA Group’s standards are the benchmark if you want to sell your products in Canada.

CSA Group also tests products to make sure they comply with standards found in many international markets. They can also support you to obtain a CE marking to sell your products in the European Union.

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Underwriters Laboratories defines the standards in the American market. A UL- certified product sold in Canada features a distinct logo.

UL has been carrying out compliance tests on products since 2013 and is also present within the Canadian market. It issues common standards in Canada and the U.S. to facilitate cross-border commerce.

– If you want to export your product, you should opt for the CSA certification. In addition to being recognized in myriad international markets, CSA can help you obtain European certification.

– If your product is only sold in North America, UL certification (with its c-UL Canadian mark) could be the right option for you since there is only one single certification process for both the U.S. and Canadian markets.


Make sure your label components have been pre-approved

Choosing the right manufacturer for your labels is a key step to obtaining certification. At IMS, the materials we use for certification labels have all been pre-approved by CSA and UL. This includes substrates, adhesives, and inks.

Using pre-approved materials reduces the risks of failing the certification process because keep in mind that it is the final product that will obtain the certification.

Furthermore, even if all the components of your product are certified, your final product – including its label – must pass the test. Because your product is intended for use in certain conditions, its label must always remain legible and on the product.

A proven solution: IMS Perma Print safety labels

If you are currently in the process of obtaining a certification for your product and require a label, we are the right partner for you. We’ll help you develop personalized labelling solutions. We can also pre-print your labels or even ensure you have the right equipment to print your labels in your own facilities.

Contact us today, our experts are ready to help you obtain your certification!