Kathie Laurin: feeling right at home at IMS

Flexible schedules, remote work, professional development activities… the job market is undergoing tremendous change and qualified candidates are getting harder to attract. In the face of this new professional landscape, IMS has developed a career advancement program and a comprehensive integration plan to appeal to potential employees.

These efforts have borne fruit as two new employees have recently joined our head office. Kathie Laurie joined us in May as the head of the customer experience team.

“I fell in love with their vision. During the interview, IMS told me about their growth plan. It sounded like a lot of fun and I wanted to contribute to the project.”

Integration program for new employees

Starting a new job can be stressful. Especially these days when the process often occurs remotely. At IMS, we offer a hybrid model for work: two days a week in our offices in the heart of the action and three days working remotely.

Furthermore, our integration program is intended to help employees feel welcome and discover our corporate culture. This helped Kathie successfully embrace her new position at IMS and helped her break the ice with our staff. Her first few weeks were guided by the integration program and included a few initial mandates. Finally, our daily follow ups allowed Kathie to feel free to ask any questions she had and reassure us that her integration into our organization was going smoothly.

Why work at IMS?

Kathie was able to integrate so quickly into our team because of our family-like atmosphere. We make sure our employees and management teams are easy to approach and we strive to foster a sense of belonging within our environment.

“IMS is family business, and it really shows. Everyone is so friendly and available if you need help. There is of course an organizational hierarchy, but everyone is very accessible. The fact that you can easily speak to any employee at IMS makes it a wonderful workplace. The people really feel a strong sense of loyalty to the company and that’s something that is quite rare.”

Without giving it a second thought, Kathie would recommend working at IMS to her loved ones because her job is far from being boring and has lived up to all her expectations.

Kathie’s role

The head of the customer experience team is a very recent position. One that Kathie thoroughly enjoys since she loves a good challenge. Her job entails maintaining a direct line of communication with our clients. In fact, we believe that creating a stimulating, welcoming atmosphere for our employees translates into an exceptional service for clients.

“My job is to develop standardized operational procedures so everyone can move in the same direction, boosting teamwork. I want to transform our customer service into a genuine client experience, where we go beyond the client’s expectations. [une approche] I’ve got several ongoing projects that will enable the team to be more effective, efficient and save time.”

Inputting daily orders, overseeing non-conformance management, coordinating with the sales team and clients, meeting with her team, and taking part in weekly meetings are but a few examples of the tasks that fill up Kathie’s day.

Moreover, her team is entirely made up of women and more than half of her colleagues are new. She’s not afraid of novelty and change. With the support of her young team, she wants to continue to improve the processes already in place at IMS.

A focus on professional development

Thanks to her maternal instincts, Kathie wants to see her teammates thrive. This is an aspect of her personality that she can leverage every day because she wants her colleagues to reach their full potential. She also wants to continue to develop her skills at IMS and become an inspiring leader.

Fun fact: Kathie is extremely detail-oriented and a perfectionist. This might be an annoying trait for some but at IMS, it’s exactly what we’re looking for. She can therefore feel fully at ease just being herself at work.

We want to extend a warm welcome to Kathie and we are committed to doing everything we can to help her grow professionally.

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