Printing solutions
adapted to
your market reality.


IMS has knowledge of your industry, extensive experience in the market, and a team of experts, which are key strengths to facilitate and optimize your labeling process as well as help exceed your goals.



In grocery stores, consumers generally make an instinctive choice influenced by the product’s visual appearance, even if they claim to pay more attention to the list of ingredients! Trust our team of experts to ensure striking design and the highest-quality printing of food packaging that meets your industry’s safety standards and your product’s packaging conditions. We can offer you food-labelling solutions for your primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.


Beer and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

A wide variety of beer, wines, spirits, kombucha and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are multiplying on the shelves. To attract customers, your wine or beer label design’s visual impact, print quality and speed of execution are just some of your concerns. The IMS team can help you select the right type of label, materials and equipment for your packaging, whether in metal, glass or plastic, and appropriate for the flow of your production.



Inventory management and price tagging are just a few of the critical operations in retail. Whatever the nature of your products, IMS can provide solutions that will facilitate management of your inventories and your distribution networks in a constantly evolving and turbulent market.


Electronics and electrical products

The booming electrical and electronic industry is highly technical, whether you work in aerospace, telecommunications or biomedical. Our team can offer you solutions that will enable you to manage the great diversity of your products, whether in terms of labeling or inventory tracking, in addition to ensuring unparalleled productivity. We also offer CSA and UL-certified labels.



The nutraceutical industry is expanding, as increasingly more consumers are caring about their health. Whether you manufacture protein powder or homeopathic vitamins, your label is often your only point of contact with your customers. Your packaging must be both attractive and informative, while presenting the image of a trustworthy brand. Our experts can advise you and customize a label that will meet your needs and your budget.


Pharmaceutical Products

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to many laws, standards, and storage and distribution constraints, which increases the degree of difficulty when it comes to designing an effective and attractive label. Shrink sleeves, which provide more surface area upon which to display all the required product information, as well as the ability to be tamper-evident, might be a great option to consider. Consult with our experts who will guide you towards the best solution for your needs.

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Household cleaning products

Beyond being attractive, a household cleaning product’s label must be resistant enough to allow regular handling, without losing its lustre. The type of printing and the choice of material and adhesive are all things that must be carefully selected in order to ensure that your label will be resistant to abrasion, rubbing, moisture, and contact with a chemical.


Industrial products

There are many label and equipment options available, as diverse as the markets in which you operate. Our experts will guide you to find the ideal solution suitable for your needs and your reality. Our team can also assist you to ensure that your designs meet your industry’s standards for the display of hazardous materials identification symbols.


Health and diagnostics

Trust the experts at IMS for an efficient, high-quality label that meets your industry standards and the most demanding production environments. Whether for labels or equipment, our team will find the solution that will integrate into your production process as efficiently as possible.

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Personal Care Products And Cosmetics

You’ve created your products with care, and your label should reflect that same attention to detail. We can manufacture high-quality custom shrink labels and sleeves that will withstand the various environments to which your products will be exposed, whether in contact with oily ingredients or in direct exposure to moisture. Lastly, IMS offers you multiple finishes, such as matt or glossy varnishes, and others.


Transportation And Logistics

The transportation, logistics and distribution industries require great flexibility and rely on a flawless management system in order to adapt to the various constraints of their customers from all sectors. IMS is the partner of choice for the selection and implementation of reliable and efficient equipment, whether you need label printers and their supplies or equipment required for data entry.