Pressure-sensitive labels
Pressure-sensitive labels play an essential role in identifying your products, whether they are in black-and-white or colour, simple or complex, certified or not, or intended for primary, secondary or tertiary packaging. IMS can advise you about the best printing and labeling solutions to implement within your company, or print your labels for you. No matter what type of pressure-sensitive label you’re looking for—whether they are wine labels or beer labels—we have the solution that will meet your needs.
Expertise that changes everything
Beyond our large inventory of materials and state-of-the-art equipment, what sets IMS apart is our highly qualified team. Trust our experts’ advice to navigate the range of possibilities provided by pressure-sensitive labels. Our team can help direct you to the best possible printing solution by attentively listening to your needs, collecting exhaustive information from you and possessing in-depth knowledge of the offer. In addition, with IMS, you’ll benefit from the support of our qualified team at every stage, from pre-press to application, including printing, of course.
IMS is known for its flexographic printing and can produce labels of exceptional quality in large quantities, and at record speed. With IMS flexographic presses, the possibilities are endless! Our team will be able to offer you the right combination of material (paper, cardboard, synthetic), finish (mat, semi-gloss or gloss), format, glue (cold-resistant, repositionable or permanent) and ink to design a durable impact label adapted to your use. Exceptional print quality, combined with the selection of the right materials and the right application processes, will give you the best possible branding for your products.
Digital labels are perfect for printing smaller volumes. This technique involves direct printing from a computer (web-to-print or direct-to-press), doesn’t require any plate production, provides greater flexibility and also facilitates variable data printing. This solution is ideal for in-house production of high-quality, low-cost, pressure-sensitive labels, on demand.
Labels using the thermal transfer process are used primarily for printing variable information, such as identification labels and shipping labels, which may contain barcodes or lot numbers. Most thermal printers offered by IMS can be equipped with both technologies: thermal transfer or direct thermal. Direct thermal printers will be useful to businesses that require standard labels with a short lifespan, while thermal transfer printers will produce labels that are more robust and have a longer lifespan. In either case, the IMS team can offer you the best label for your equipment, as well as the best equipment for a new use.
Inkjet labels give you unmatched flexibility, fast production, and impeccable photo quality. Ideal for smaller volumes, inkjet labels are printed at your plant, allowing you to print custom labels and variable formats on demand. There is no minimum quantity required and no supplier delays, so you can print what you need, when you need it.

IMS is certified and has the materials and the experience to produce CSA (for Canada) and UL (for USA) compliant labels, which are required in the petroleum, automotive and aeronautics industries as well as in many others. These labels are made according to very rigorous specifications and are designed to be attached to CSA/UL-certified products, letting consumers know that these products have been evaluated and controlled according to very specific standards so as to obtain certification. At IMS, we are certified by both organizations (CSA International and Underwriters Laboratories), and our certification enables us to print your labels as well as to sell you the necessary equipment for in-house printing.
The difference between
CSA and UL certifications
CSA certification is recognized worldwide, while UL certification is only recognized in the United States. This is the primary difference between the two organizations. When it comes time to select the standard to apply, you must therefore consider how you’re marketing your product. If it is intended for export, CSA is a good solution since it will be recognized internationally. If your product is marketed only in North America, UL certification (with its Canadian branch, C-UL) is an option to consider. No matter what standard you have chosen for your products, your labels must also be certified by the same organization as your products, as they must remain legible under certain conditions. For more information about these rather complex technical certifications, feel free to read our blog on this subject or to contact our experts at IMS.
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