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With IMS, you’ll find everything you need in one place, including installation, optimization, training and maintenance. The many services offered by IMS facilitate your printing processes and help you increase your productivity. Whether you have a service contract with us or not, our experts will help solve all your printing and labeling challenges for you.
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We know that when equipment breaks down or a need for optimization arises, you need help quickly. IMS can serve you in several ways: over the phone, online or in person. Our certified experts are just a phone call away and can answer your questions or connect remotely to your devices. We can also come on-site to perform repairs or even complete the work in our workshop, which prevents displacing personnel. Our team will work with you to assess the most effective way to respond to your requests.
When the time comes to choose the right equipment, trust our team to guide you to the solution that best meets your needs and your facilities. We will listen attentively to your reality, have an understanding of your industry, leverage our in-depth knowledge of the products available and provide cutting-edge technical expertise, which makes our team an invaluable resource for your project. Purchasing printing solutions can be complex and often requires a large investment. Avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary expenses by enlisting the help of our experts.
You might be tempted to install your new equipment yourself, using the instruction manual and some videos to assist you. However, we’ve noticed that for customers who chose this route, these steps proved to be more expensive in time and energy, as well as in terms of the equipment’s performance. Our team knows every piece of equipment down to the last detail. Our installation guarantees maximum print quality and mitigates rapid wear. By carefully installing and calibrating your printer, we can even increase the lifespan of your printhead. Get the most out of your printers and printing software by trusting our installation consultants.
Is your printer not delivering the expected print quality? Is the printing speed disappointing? Are there too many defects? If something is wrong with your printing or labeling process, call IMS. Experts in problem solving, technical service employees will come to your plant to carry out a complete check of your equipment. Whether it is the calibration of your printer or applicator, or a bad combination between your equipment, the substrate, and the software, the in-depth technical expertise of our team guarantees you a problem resolution equal to your expectations and as soon as possible.
Equipment and software are increasingly more efficient, but by the same token, they’ve become more complex. The IMS team has observed that several customers who had not received adequate training were only using a tiny fraction of their software’s capacity, thus affecting their productivity. Our experts know every device down to the last detail and can share all their secrets with you. Proper use of your equipment will save you many costly mistakes on your production line and increase your efficiency. Rely on our experts for your training, which can be delivered at your plant or virtually.
As it is the case with any type of electrical and electronic device, regular maintenance of your equipment, handled by experts, guarantees you peace of mind. Prevent wear and tear that could compromise your production line by relying on our maintenance services. Whether done on-site or in our workshop, the preventive maintenance provided by IMS is the ideal solution to maintain impeccable print quality and avoid unpleasant surprises.
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