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IMS offers a wide range of packaging and labeling equipment designed to partially or fully automate your company’s labeling and identification processes, whether you need a printer, a printer-applicator, or an applicator. The IMS team is known for our consultative approach, ability to anticipate your needs, and consulting services to help you select equipment that best suits your operational reality.
Whether you need entry-level or semi-automatic equipment, the IMS team has carefully selected the best brands and suppliers from around the world. Automating packaging and labeling means integrating reliable, high-performance, fast and robust equipment into your infrastructure, which will help you to save money. Make sure you get the solution that best suits your needs depending on the size of your business, existing equipment, industry and production line’s needs by trusting our team of packaging and labeling experts.
IMS offers you a wide range of inkjet printers and thermal printers as well as the appropriate cartridges, supplies and software for each one. Our team follows a rigorous process to select the best brands for you. With this high-performance equipment, you can enjoy all the advantages of in-house printing, that is, printing your own labels when you want and without delay.
To optimize your productivity, print and apply equipment are second to none. By opting for real-time printing and application, you save time and reduce your label inventory value. For pressure-sensitive labels, trust equipment from Nita, CAB, Auto Labe, and many others. Contact our experts to find the solution that best suits your needs.
At IMS, you’ll find the best applicators for applying your pressure-sensitive labels, including popular products from Nita and Auto Labe. Choosing an applicator requires a rigorous analysis of your situation and your current production line. The IMS team will handle inventorying your needs and will advise you on the solution that will best meet them in order to ensure an optimal return on your capital investment.
Optimal automation of your labeling process requires careful selection of all components, including the essential software. The IMS team has selected simple, efficient, comprehensive and universal software for your labeling needs: NiceLabel and BarTender. In addition to quick installation of labeling software and our on-site technical service, IMS offers technical training that will help you maximize your software’s performance.
IMS is proud to be part of the Loftware Partner Program as a NiceLabel Solutions Partner.
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