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Drawing on our extensive experience in the pre-press, printing and application of shrink sleeves, IMS is recognized for our innovative ideas and expertise in the field. By choosing IMS, you benefit from the know-how and support of a highly qualified team at all stages of your label production, from graphic optimization to printing to application. IMS, your experts in printing solutions, provides a unique turnkey service, so that your final product meets all your needs and requirements.
This includes the choice of container, film, ink, finish, size of the sleeve, and compatibility with the production line. IMS leaves no stone unturned to provide sleeves that perfectly fit your containers’ shapes and optimize your company’s performance. Our team of experts is very proactive and can even, through sound advice, adapt to your budget by suggesting the best partners to supply your containers and materials.
Graphic design for shrink sleeves is very complex, especially for irregularly shaped containers with many contours that could lead to potential distortion. IMS, with our attention to details, precise calculations and rigorous distortion testing mitigate cosmetic defects to ensure that your sleeves are appealing, eye-catching and up to your expectations. Whether you are working on a design specific to your shrink sleeve or you want to adapt the design of a traditional pressure-sensitive label to this format, IMS will do everything to bring your ideas to life—and ensure the highest quality for your labels.
IMS has been a creative and trusted expert since 1958. Our long-standing experience enables us to optimize your production and printing processes. For impeccable quality, you need expertly designed printing that will take into account container distortions. IMS is your guarantee of unsurpassed packaging quality for your brand. Whether for small quantities or large volumes, IMS has the right printing technology to meet your needs to produce high-end shrink sleeves. IMS experts are pros of the reverse printing technique, which protects the design from external factors and makes label scratch-resistant.
Shrink sleeves mould perfectly to all types of containers, even those with irregular shapes. This great versatility is achieved through the process of heat-shrinking the film during its application in steam tunnels, hot air or infrared radiation. IMS is your go-to printer for shrink sleeves, and can advise you about the best equipment for your production line.
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