… and this is our very first post!

Why start a company blog now? The best reason – because we have ideas and knowledge to share. IMS has been operating since 1958. Over the past 53 years, we’ve introduced some major innovations, gotten to know the industry very well both locally and on a much larger scale, and we’ve also seen some of our clients grow from small businesses to become major corporations.

What that means is that we’ve learned a lot along the way. From label printing and application knowledge, to ideas about packaging design, to working with recent developments like QR labels, we have information to share.

This blog is intended to be informative and educational, not simply a sales tool. We want to have a dialog with others in this industry. The comments, questions, and thoughts we are inviting you to share with us are not only welcome, they are going to be a primary reason for doing this blog.

If you take the time to post a comment or question, we will do our best to respond promptly. With luck, we will have a dialog going. We also invite readers to dialog with other blog readers, which could open this up into a true online forum. And that’s something we would label as perfect.