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The Eclipse Mini+ laminator takes care of cutting and finishing your labels inline. This high-end industrial-label finishing equipment comes with valuable benefits.

See how this easy-to-use laminator is the ideal solution for your product identification needs.

Enhance the protection of your labels

It’s hard to beat the airtightness of a laminating process. Applying a transparent film from a laminating machine gives your labels excellent durability. Not only are the colours used in printing now unalterable, but your labels become ultra-resistant to environmental conditions such as :

  • UV rays
  • chemicals
  • rubbing and scratching
  • liquids (water, oils, cleaning products, etc.)
  • humidity
  • heat


No matter what type of product you apply your labels to, as long as you cover them with a transparent film, you’ll increase their lifespan tenfold.


Greater autonomy

Would you like to centralize your processes and be more autonomous when labeling your products? With the Eclipse Mini+ laminator, you can create labels from A to Z, from printing to die-cutting to lamination.

You’ll be able to carry out every step in creating self-adhesive, sealed labels yourself.


Simplify your processes

You can have an accurate, easy-to-use, low-maintenance production tool.

Rather than having to buy pre-cut labels in different formats and end up with a heavy inventory, all you have to do is buy rolls of paper. Then, select the desired die-cut dimensions from the Eclipse Mini+ control panel.

Plus, our laminating machine is a compact, space-saving piece of equipment.


Increase your speed

Our Eclipse Mini+ laminator connects to all EPSON printers. It is a clear advantage for all EPSON printer owners, enabling you to work more smoothly from the printing stage to the finished laminated product.

With the Eclipse Mini+, you have the potential to achieve optimum production speed.

Note: If you own non-EPSON printers, you can always incorporate the Eclipse Mini+ laminator into your silo operation.


Be versatile

The Eclipse Mini+ has the advantage of adapting to your different needs in terms of :

  • the various formats of your self-adhesive labels;
  • their durability;
  • the types of containers 


Our laminating machine is a proper precision engineering tool with flexible module options, enabling you to complete all your projects.

Whatever your industry, the Eclipse Mini+ gives you the same benefits. Whether in the food and beverage, automotive, chemical, cosmetics, brewing, wine and winemaking or other sectors, our laminator gives you label strength, autonomy, simplification, speed and flexibility.

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