The 41st Gutenberg Awards, the printing industry’s premier event, took place in Montreal on June 1st. The prestigious Gutenberg trophies are awarded to printers in recognition of their talent, creativity, and know-how.

A special sleeve block out was created specifically for the occasion!

This year, we were challenged to produce a sleeve block out to conceal printed visuals on a can. We were also tasked with harmonizing the sample provided, which was produced without any block out. Moreover, the client required a very specific internal and external coefficient of friction (COF) due to the very high rate of label application. We therefore needed the right opacity, COF, finish, and desired colours. We relied on a 9-colour process to achieve our intended results. All printed in a 2 sleeve wide format at a rate of 400 feet per minute, for a total of 253,000 sleeves!

Thanks to our experience and perseverance, we were able to produce a visually stunning sleeve that complied with the constraints set by our client. We spent many hours on the project and are extremely proud to present the final result:


The Gutenberg Award goes to…

The verdict is in! We came first in the «single packaging» category in a field of strong competitors! We are honoured to have won the award and we are thrilled to have been able to leverage the skills of our IMS collaborators. What do you think we’ll come up with in the next year?

Judges and organizing committee

We’d like to thank the members of the organizing committee who attended the event: Martin Lépine, President of the 41st Gutenberg Awards, Éric Lamontagne, Carmela Martinez, André Goyette, Chantal Vallée, Charlotte Gaudreault, Hélène Pageau, Karl Belafi Jr, Mariane Beauchesne-Chrétien, Marie-Eve Huppé, Patrick Choquet, Stéphane Abraham, Suzie Gaudreault, and Yoan Robitaille.

What other products could benefit from our sleeve block out?

If you’re ready to market a cold chain product and need shrink sleeves, we can help!

Our expertise allows us to answer all your questions:

  • What are the best materials to resist extreme conditions?
  • What type of labels and formats are suitable for your product?
  • In what step of the production chain should you apply your label or shrink sleeve?
  • How does the label need to be applied? At room temperature or in the cold in your refrigerated warehouse?


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