Is your product development finished and it’s time to look at the packaging design? A lot of thought process should go into the technical details of your label or shrink sleeve, such as the type of printing, material, inks and finish.

This final element has the power to give your product a unique final touch and thus set you apart from the competition. Glossy or matte, we know that you often hesitate between these two types of finish. That’s why this article explains the differences and helps you make the right choice for your labelling project.

What is the difference between matte and glossy paper?

The choice of finish applied to the material is a very important consideration when printing your labels and packaging. They will look very different depending on whether you choose a matte or a glossy finish.

Matte paper finish has a sheen that absorbs light and therefore does not reflect it. Its surface has a polished or velvet effect.

Glossy paper finish, also called semi-gloss paper, has a sheen that reflects light.

What are the advantages of the matte finish?

  • No reflection: Matte paper absorbs more ink and therefore does not reflect light from any angle.
  • Robust: It is more scratch resistant than glossy paper and does not absorb fingerprints.
  • Contemporary style: with velvety colors and lower contrast, this finish gives a modern effect to your labels. It is particularly suitable for labels with black and white graphics.

What are the advantages of the gloss finish?

  • Bright colors: The glossy finish intensifies colors and helps to catch the eye of your consumers. They are more saturated and contrasting than with a matte finish. It is ideal if you want to make colors stand out.
  • Enhanced brilliance: Perfectly reflects light. The glossy paper allows you to enhance the graphics of your labels and achieve prints worthy of a photo lab!

Selective coating for labels

A final option can help you to embellish your labels and draw attention to a specific detail such as a logo, text or visual element.

Indeed, it is possible to apply a spot glossy varnish on your label or sleeve. This is a very effective way to enhance your packaging and give your product a high-quality image!

A bottle with a heat-shrink label, with gold embellishments on the logo and design elements
Shrink sleeve with spot gold finish made for the Bù wine brand.

Label design and printing with IMS

In short, the choice of matte or glossy finish is a step that should not be overlooked when printing your packaging and labels. There is no finish that is better than another, it is up to you to choose the look you want to achieve!

At IMS, our team specialized in printing solutions will give you personalized advice to ensure the success of your labelling project. We will help you choose other technical details such as the printing method and equipment, inks and materials. Contact us for expert advice.