Summertime means relaxation, outdoor activities, vacations with family and friends, and increased demand for various products and services.

Whether your company offers seasonal goods, food, beverages, beauty products, or other products, here are three reasons to start preparing your summer label orders immediately.

Avoid production delays

As the IMS team receives many requests during the summer season, we advise all our customers to submit their summer label orders as soon as possible. You avoid production delays during this peak summer period by ordering your labels in advance. 

Be ready to put your products on the market as soon as the season starts, and actively respond to your customers’ needs!

Receive your order quickly

During the summer months, it is peak time for our deliveries. Choosing to send us your orders early will ensure on-time delivery of your labels.

Ensure your customers’ satisfaction and protect your company’s reputation with optimal planning of your summer inventory.

Receive a product that meets your expectations 100% of the time

By submitting your new label orders today, you’ll benefit fully from the advice of our experts. You’ll also benefit from greater flexibility so that our team of professionals can adjust your labels to your specifications and produce labels perfectly aligned to your precise needs.

The Identification Multi Solutions team is here to help you prepare for the summer season. 

Contact us today to design your heat-shrink sleeve labels or self-adhesive brand labels.

Focus on anticipation and planning now, and be ready to meet demand on delivery day.