The Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI), the industry association, recently conducted a survey of packaging buyers from more than 60 companies in North America. The survey demonstrated that the use of the heat-shrink sleeve labels is expected to grow over the next few years.

The figure below, courtesy of TLMI Illuminator magazine, summarizes the results of the survey.

What is encouraging about this survey’s results is that more than one third of the respondents are expecting either to increase their use or to start using shrink labels shortly. The history of the industry shows us that acceptance of new technology tends to be gradual and slow. But, once the technology is recognized as viable and put into use by a sizable percentage of companies, it takes off very quickly. This looks like the case for shrink sleeves. They are an idea that’s poised for takeoff, if we can let past history be our guide.

The advantages of shrink sleeve labels.

We think their biggest advantages are for retail packaging. On store shelves, capturing the attention of consumers and promoting brand recognition are crucial for a package to be considered successful.

Sleeve labels are a very cost-effective way to allow the entire package to carry the message and add visual impact. This is an important advantage not just for food and beverage bottles or jars, but for virtually any kind of cylindrical or rounded package.

Other advantages?  It’s easy to imagine tamper-evident shrink sleeve labels that seal the product.

Trust the Experts

IMS has been producing heat shrink sleeve labels for most of the past decade, making us very early adopters of this new technology. That also translates to a lot of in-house expertise with regard to sleeve labels – in every aspect from design to execution to delivery.

What is your company’s experience with shrink sleeve labels? Where would you have fit in the survey results? Let us know below. We’d love to hear from you.