Manufacturers of handcrafted products could largely benefit from the automation of the product labelling process. For label applicators, there are products on the market that are perfectly adapted to small companies with relatively small volume. Products like small machines can easily be placed on a table or counter, are user-friendly and have a fast return on investment.

I mentioned above the “automation” of labelling, but in fact it would be more accurate to talk about semi-automation. It’s a good halfway point between the manual application and completely automated application of labels.

Ideal for handcrafted production

Several companies don’t have the volume necessary for a sophisticated and completely automated assembly line. Especially manufacturers of handcrafted or local products; companies in full growth for whom the application of labels by hand is an obstacle, but who aren’t yet ready to purchase these large equipments.

Applicator models 550 and 560 from the manufacturer Autolabe

Autolabe offers two semi-automatic labelling machine models that are ideal for handcrafted production. They are simple to use: you put the container on the machine, activate it with a pedal, the machine applies the label and you remove the newly labelled container and replace it with another one.

Autolabe’s model  550 is able to roll a label around cylindrical containers, and model 560 can tamp a label down on flat or slightly curved containers. This way, you can apply between 10 and 15 labels per minute, which is a significant increase compared to manual application. In addition to facilitating label application, this equipment will ensure that your labels are always perfectly applied on your containers.

A crooked label doesn’t make your product look more authentic

A product with a crooked label send a message to a consumer that something was overlooked and this may negatively influence his or her purchasing decision. And don’t worry about the semi-automation label application reducing the handcrafted quality of your product. Au contraire! People love local products and they appreciate a neat appearance.